Fly Pad (with regulator)

Fly Pad (with regulator)


fly pad

Bedsores, more properly known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are lesions caused by many factors such as: unrelieved pressure; friction; humidity; shearing forces; temperature; age; continence and medication; to any part of the body, especially portions over bony or cartilaginous areas such as sacrum, elbows, knees, ankles etc. Although easily prevented and completely treatable if found early, bedsores are often fatal – even under the auspices of medical care – and are one of the leading iatrogenic causes of death reported in developed countries, second only to adverse drug reactions. Prior to the 1950s, treatment was ineffective until Doreen Norton showed that the primary cure and treatment was to remove the pressure by turning the patient every two hours.

The FLY PAD can simulate the turning of the patient not every two hours but every 5 minutes! The FLY PAD has two sets of bubbles that are alternately inflating and deflating every 5 minutes. At one point in time the body is supported by one set of bubbles. At another time the body is supported by another set of bubbles.

The alternate deflating and inflating effectively takes out the pressure in any point of the body So the patient just lies down on the mat without the necessity of turning.

It is as if the body of the patient is being relieved of the bedsore pressure every 5 minutes! That is why bedsores can never happen, GUARANTEED!

The FLY PAD with regulator can increase or decrease the air pressure of the mat depending on the comfort of the patient.


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