Onefold Heavy Loader Travel Scooter

Onefold Heavy Loader Travel Scooter


● Easy one-handed pull fold mechanism. It takes less than
6 seconds to fold/unfold the scooter completely.
●Contact-less wigwag has a much longer life span. It is
less likely to be damaged
●Folded scooter easily rolls along like a travelling suitcase
●Built with durable aluminum chassis and tiller with a total
weight less than 30-KG
●Designed to install and uninstall the lithium batteries
quickly without any tool or device
●Anti-theft battery covers to protect the batteries from
being stolen
●Adjustable tiller height


Made In Taiwan

Regular Price Php 260,000.00
Seniors Price Php 185,715.00 with documents


Under product category: Electronic Wheelchairs/Scooters